Bill Belichick Mic'd Up vs. Packers "Do you have an extra sharpie?" | NFL Films

  • Published on: 2018-11-08
  • I know I do man okay give me look bad with the short sleeves change in the first down right by it's our second and six on the 28th all right so it's third one now I've gone on nine shotgun staff to Rogers from the nine throws it deep to the end zone and fatty throws a promise to the front row des passes for great now we got pressure from the middle the ends folded we hit them we we collapse the pocket I mean that I mean look we just show those pictures we just got to keep doing that that's exactly what we want to do right there the pass rush is what we want all right that's the idea right there okay that's a good I be a somebody else a completions are because it a rush all right let's keep doing that have we had that that zone Reed has FN to the weak side both times look there doesn't turn it out here turn it out here and there's just too much space in there just read the quarterback we just heat the ball is gonna be just junk go to the ball you guys are doing a great job of setting the edge okay we gotta push more inside we're running too flat it's stretching and cutting back you guys keep setting the edge the edge is good tamp relaxed here can't relax alright we got to be ready to go back to work hi be ready to go back to work now you're ready to go back to work it's out there yes sir I thought it was on the ground thank you hey he's not set he shifts a guy out and he's not set for even half a second you're not on it you're not no you're on it at all yeah on the far side [Applause] you need something down there coach maybe I was thinking maybe call me call timeout yeah well we need you if you're gonna comb oh no no no I get this every week if you need a timeout go on down and call it so I came down here I didn't take it and I moved back okay I mean come on fellows I sold out the corner boy I got a catch okay and I would have told you if I needed it but I want to see what the formation was and it was a keep playing the game all right I mean I'm not gonna get out of here get in the way Randy pictures at left for James line to the 10 to the 5 [Applause] he takes the handle rainy runs up the middle touched up a tree sniffing to Rogers and hand to Jones he runs it through the left side [Applause] Reyna takes the stamping hands the white he runs it to the left side to this [Applause] and you have an extra sharpie [Music] thank you [Music] [Applause] as if he was the intended receiver you wanted to be the receiver on that - yeah great job great job flow saying what holding down to 17 it's hard and the Patriots finished week number nine with an impressive win good luck for a story man no you are yours
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  • canvas11xD

    Bill was about to rip Brady a new one. If he said he was throwing that ball to Edelman.

  • Ewan Farrell

    Can someone explain to me, a guy who is absolutely clueless about NFL, what he did with the flag & why he threw it?

  • Joe Garcia

    It’s funny how if the patriots score a touchdown bill belecheck doesent care sorry if I didint spell his name right

  • jtwolf6

    If you close your eyes it sounds like Will Ferrel talking

  • Rob's random videos

    Not a very big football fan so I haven't seen a lot of these mic'd up videos a lot but this one was pretty boring

  • Brandon Parker

    Bill doesn't celebrate after touchdowns because he celebrates after the win :)

  • J V

    The sounds of a champion

  • MrTehnoobshowfan

    No no we go through this every week, if I wanted a timeout Id come over and take the timeout, this time i just came over and decided not to take it” hahahah