HAZBIN HOTEL -"Morning Report" -(CLIP)-

  • Published on: 2018-12-04
  • Good afternoon! I'm Katie Killjoy and I'm Tom Trench Chaos out of Pentagram City today as a turf war is raging on the west side between notable kingpins Sir Pentious and self-proclaimed spunky powerhouse Cherry Bomb. That's right Tom After the recent extermination, many areas are now up for grabs! Demons all over hell are already duking it out to gain new territory Those two seem to really be going at it, huh? Looks like they're fighting tooth and nail for that hot spot! And I'd sure like to nail her hot spot! You are a lipdick jackass Tom. Or should I say? -No dick? -Not again... Coming up next, we have an exclusive interview with the daughter of hell's own head Honcho who's here to discuss her brand-new passion project All that and more, after the break! Suck it up your little bitch
  • Runtime: 01:01
  • Vivziepop, Zoophobia


  • Jon Plummer

    Channel 666 and pew news are the only newsources I trust

  • Landrey Brown

    *slows down video and reads text at the bottom* 😂😂

  • CoolKratos2

    Does anyone else like Katie Killjoy without the lipstick ?

  • Keiy Nixfff

    Где. Русские. СУБТИТРЫ.!!;&,@££ @&;;93@зададвжпжпжжедбжвьад : - : Вот так да.... :.с Ну вот и все(((!

  • Jules Advin

    0:11 Even Sir Pentious' other eyes disagree with his pose

  • Raiongu

    I died at the banging the cleaning lady part ngl

  • Jasmin Rincon

    "No dick" when someone next to me says those things I stab them 😂😂😂😂

  • XelchèsX

    How can I help this project to become a serie? I really love it

  • Lotus Ninja

    Honey if this is what Hell is actually like I'd be more than happy to visit

  • Kidyom. U

    Those words on the bottom of the screen though...