Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

  • Published on: 2018-12-04
  • so scrolls are the bad guys and you're free a race of noble lawyers heroes noble warrior heroes [Music] your life began the day it nearly ended we found you with no memory we made you one of us so you could live longer stronger superior you were reborn I keep having these memories something in my past is the key to all of this you're not a flatus thing you see that's a yes or no question yes [Music] would you like to know what you really are I think I had a life here what aren't you telling me you've come a long way the universe strong as you think the slaw is just the beginning I'm not going to fight your war [Music] I'm gonna end it [Music] I'm super cute as lovely aren't you what's your name Jerry's hmm
  • Runtime: 02:19
  • marvel, comics


  • Heera Khan

    Captain marvel this future in avengers the end game

  • GreenGoggles


  • Riska Azizah

    notice how most of the comments making fun of this trailer are men.. yknow that tells you something

  • Savage king

    why does nick fury have hair but not in avengers

  • MeLTzz -

    Ronan is in the trailer but its in the past i got gassed for a sec

  • Donnie Fatso

    2:04, another stupid film with basic cat humor. Instant movie BUZZKILL. No thanks.

  • Anonym Comm

    Shoulda kept captain Marvel a man. Nobody needs a woman to save the day.

  • Bovice

    Warning: pseudointellectual neckbeards pretending to be professional film critics below.

  • Smack Crackle

    not to mention... where is her black costume. That is the one that is cannon.

  • Smack Crackle

    wow, that cgi looks bad... But whoopee it's in imax that is perfectly pointless when it comes to streaming.

  • Aris Houwing

    I can't tell you how fed up I am with all the superhero movies. No emotional attachment to characters, weak storylines, still bad cgi, it's like watching a gametrailer ALL THE TIME. Besides that, chances are 90% in all 'new' superhero movies it ends up with some kind of iron man suit. Even in the worst movie of last year (the predator) is some kind of stupid super-suit. Trust me, if you have seen Iron Man 1 and Spider Man 1 you have seen them all.